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PGS Groups: Important Evolution

Today, many organic producers are in PGS groups.
PGS groups in Burundi begun to be setting up in 2011, when BOAM (Burundi Organic Agricultural Movement) begun its activities. So, BOAM begun to sensitize producers on organic farming for using organic manure and organic pesticides. The PGS groups benefited also from BOAM trainings on organic agriculture and now the number of farmers has increased. They were trained on the main topics of organic agriculture and after training, they grow organic and sensitize also their neighbors to join them and they are very happy to be aware on a sustainable agriculture.
In Burundi, we have twenty (20) PGS groups; they are sensitized on organic agriculture but still in need of training. We hope to train other PGS groups next year and increase number of organic producers; and convince those who still using chemicals to abandon them and fight together for sustainability agriculture.

BOAM presence in Burundi provinces